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Neema Nkatha

Ohana Family Wear

Ohana Family Wear

1.Describe your work: What area of fashion & design do you focus on?

We design, produce and sell African Inspired Swimwear and Swimwear (beachwear) related products.


2. What are you most inspired by and what is the core value/driving principle that leads your work?

I’m inspired mostly by artists who are authentic in their creative craft, culture and take into consideration issues that affect us. The core driving principle in Ohana is culture, quality and family values.


3. Has COVID-19 affected your practice as a designer and your approach to your brand?

Yes, it has. We have halted production and made us think outside the box for products that would be practical for this season but still stylish and within our niche. This period has made me more aware of things that need to be changed internally and reflected externally through our advertising, future products, relationship with my employees and customers as well as reflect current ongoing issues In the brand.


4. Can you tell us about your supply chain and the materials you use?

We have an agent who links us to China factories where we do mass production. Once ready, they are shipped to Kenya which is our main distribution centre.


5. What does ‘Made in Kenya’ mean to you?

It refers to products that are not necessarily designed or produced by Kenyans but they are produced in Kenya


6. What shifts would you like to see take place in the global fashion industry over the next 5 years?

Would love to see more global representation of actual African/black designers and not just designers who mirror the African cultures. Would also like to see environment friendly and sustainable practices taken into consideration within the industry, as Ohana we are researching and trying to do our part with what we have.


Our social media handles are:
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